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Dr. Doug Lightstone

Dr. Doug Lightstone is a devoted doctor and family man who commits his personal and professional life to serving his family, friends, and community. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, GA. Dr. Lightstone is a National Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in structural rehabilitation and maintenance of the spine.
Following his clinical internship at Better Health by Design and graduation from Life University, Dr. Lightstone became a member of the BHBD team. He continued to gain vital knowledge and experience on the most scientifically proven chiropractic technique, Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). Dr. Lightstone has completed over 180 hours of advanced training in CBP with focuses on spinal biomechanics and the evaluation and treatment of abnormal spinal posture, pediatric, geriatric, scoliosis, trauma/whiplash, and extremity care.
At BHBD, Dr. Lightstone focuses on patient care and research efforts on structural rehabilitation and maintenance of the spine to find and correct the link between subluxation, abnormal spinal alignment, and the onset of disease and dysfunction in the body due to neurological interference. Dr. Lightstone is a spinal research fellow and has published various works on successful cases and clinical trials involving spinal health. Dr. Lightstone has presented the importance of spinal health and the effectiveness of proper care at conferences and proceedings throughout the United States.
Dr. Lightstone is dedicated to helping his patients reach optimal health and performance. He values the significance of health and commits to living an active, healthy life having participated in outdoor sports and activities his entire life. Dr. Lightstone currently enjoys competitive rugby, rock climbing, and backpacking. Along with his amazing wife, Kate, their son, Alex, and their family dogs, Dr. Lightstone enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, going to parks, fairs, and festivities. They look forward to many years of health, family, and fun in Forsyth.

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