Concierge RN Services

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Concierge RN Services We aim to provide compassionate, personalized support during your post-op recovery either in your home or a hotel suite. We realize that the burden of getting assistance after any procedure (elective or medically necessary)can be stressful and difficult. We are here to help you rest and recover with the help of a registered nurse that will assist you with pain control, toileting/bathing assistance, garment assistance and so much more. No matter the procedure, our services provide peace of mind for you and your family by arranging individualized services that are customized for your specific needs! Call or e-mail us to schedule a consultation so we can help make your road to recovery a little less rocky. *All care is confidential and HIPAA compliant. Services are individualized and discreet. All services are provided by an RN practicing within the GA RN scope of practice